Why Organo Gold Dominates in the Coffee Industry

With its headquarters in West Coast USA, Organo Gold is a one of a kind network marketing company mostly dealing with coffee products. Organo Gold was established in the year 2000 by Bernardo Chua who is the company’s CEO. Dealing with a popular product such as coffee exposes Organo Gold to a lot of competition from other companies that produce and sell coffee. However what makes their coffee stand out is the fact it contains a unique ingredient, the Ganoderma mushroom that has a variety of health benefits to the human body.

Besides selling coffee, the Organo Gold Company also has a business opportunity that is worth venturing into as one can make significant returns selling their life-changing products. Additional earning is also generated from recruiting other people into the business and also from sales made by your network. Several people have made a significant amount of money while at this venture.

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The company’s main ingredient

The Ganoderma mushroom is the main ingredient in the coffee product that Organo Gold sells. It is a brown fungus shaped like a fan that grows on decaying logs of trees. This unique ingredient is native in Japan and China as well as North America. The uniqueness of this ingredient has made the Organo Gold coffee easy to market in an already competitive market. Ganoderma mushroom is well known over the years for promoting good health.


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Apart from coffee, it is also used as a diet supplement. The health benefits that are gained as a result of consumption of this special ingredient include; reduction of inflammation, balancing cholesterol level in the body, boosting the body energy and giving a boost to the immune system.

Additionally, it also helps in preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, yeast infection, high blood pressure, and fibroid.


With over 1000 employees, Organo Gold continues to play an important role globally by selling its product that has a great health benefit. The company also sells different types of coffee to their consumers to remain competitive in the coffee industry.