US Money Reserve Runs Several Weeks Of DRTV Debate Summits

US Money Reserve is one of the largest private companies in the gold and silver sales industry. They not only sell gold and silver products to investors, they help educate and inform them on the hows and whys of investing in precious metals.

To demonstrate their commitment to solid ethics and the truth about investing, US Money Reserve hosted the “2016 Gold Summit” on Direct Response TV (DRTV), a national TV event this last fall during the presidential debates.

US Money Reserve had several executives including President Philip Diehl come to the panel at this event, and longtime CNN host Larry King moderated it. Also, Michael Reagan came in at the beginning to deliver his own knowledge on gold and silver investing.

According to Bloomberg, US Money Reserve is the only privately-owned precious metals company to have a former US Mint Director serving as president. And Philip N. Diehl’s credentials speak highly of his expertise in the field, and he’s been willing to assist newcomers and point them in the right direction when it comes to gold and silver investing.

Diehl was formerly an accounts manager for the Texas Comptroller’s Office and knew how to manage public funds, and he took that knowledge to the US Mint where he turned operations into billion-dollar profits and brought high returns to the American taxpayers. He also had a high quality website constructed for the US Mint to provide customers with even more options.

The US Money Reserve has a strong commitment to customer service and ethical business practices, characteristics that Diehl sought when he moved into the private sector.

The company lists several reasons in their introductions to investing in gold for newcomers, but among the top reasons for doing so is to have a reliable place to store your financial assets when the economy has a downturn.

Stock market crashes, sovereign debt, foreign trade deficits and other economic factors could cause banks and investment firms to lose value in a heartbeat, and if such an emergency happens it’s wise to invest in gold or silver bullion. Gold and silver coins are recognized tender and can be resold once the time to return to paper currency comes.

There are risks to investing in gold and silver that investors should know about before undertaking it, but if you feel you’re ready to add precious metals to your safe, the sales team at US Money Reserve is standing by to help you.

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