Top Facts About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is an architecture who has honed his skills over the years. The well-established graduate in masters of architecture has a firm foundation in his area of specialization. From the word go in his career, Robert has had his hands-on architecture. This has made him be a profession in his trade.

Robert Ivy has worked in many companies, where he designed several works. One of such companies is the McGraw-Hill Construction Media, where he worked as the vice-president. He oversaw the architectural record in the company’s magazine. His vast knowledge in his trade made him be in the panel that was interviewing architects, who would design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial.

Robert Ivy has assisted all the companies he has worked for propelling to greater heights. He has been in a position to grow the profits and the names of the different companies to global recognition. This has not gone unnoticed as Robert has received various awards as an appreciation for the efforts, he makes to grow the companies that he works for.

As CEO of AIA, Robert has been honored due to his way of showing the importance of design in every area of architecture and for his able leadership in the American Institute of Architects.

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Robert Ivy’s designs are not only meant to beautify the cities but also to promote people’s health. This, he says can be achieved if buildings are built in such a way that people will be required to use stairs instead of lifts. He goes on to add that this would reduce diseases as people will be exercising as they use the stairs.

Robert Ivy advises fellow architects to join hands and work together. He says that by doing so, there will be more buildings that are productive to people instead of buildings that are just there to be admired by the public.

Robert continues to inspire architects all over the world by his works, which he has been put down in writing. Ivy hopes that in the future more people will embrace architectural and join the field to bring change to the world.