The Successful Development of OSI Group

The OSI Group has managed to the top becoming one of the world’s largest food providers, and it has employed over 20,000 individuals in all its extensive facilities across the globe. The rise of the company has a significant impact on the knowledge of the American Economy history starting from the 20th century. The company is still growing as it ventures further into new world markets.

OSI Group has evolved from the American immigrant experience beginning from the 20th century.Otto Kolschowsky started a meat business which was just a small scale retail shop and butchery which served his community. The business idea was well received in the market, and after about two decades the business had grown into a wholesale, and it also moved to Maywood which is another Chicago suburb. After some time the company was renamed, Otto and Sons. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

The growth of the business over the next several years was enormous as it continued to stabilise and it got help from the supportive American community. Soon, the company later changed its name from Otto and Sons to OSI Group, and this was after the formation of McDonald’s which majored on hamburgers and so the OSI Group had to find consistent products to be majored on.

After the transition of Otto and Sons to OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin joined the organisation as a partner, and he was familiar with the business because he had previously worked with Otto and Sons. OSI began production, and soon it became, and that earned the company entry into the Germany and Spain markets.

That was when the company growth was significant in the international sector, and in the process, Lavin became the CEO of the company because there were capitalisation and negotiations which were required. This brought about substantial growth in the company making it one of the largest organisations in the States. The company has also featured in the Forbes list ranking in position 58. Currently, OSI is one of the leading food producers in the world, and all this was due to its joint ventures which led to strategic growth and development of the company.

OSI company ventured into the Asian market after its partnership with K&K Foods in Taiwan, and that was when the company started developing in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has also grown continuously in the United States due to its partnership with Nation Pizza Company. They concentrated mostly on new products such as sausages, bacon and hotdogs and this brought new markets for OSI as it had targeted most of the products preferred by consumers.

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