The Achievements Of Serge’s Life

Serge Belamant study computer science and applied mathematics at Witwatersrand University. He first study engineering, and then decided to switch for his second year. Serge Belamant also studied information systems when he transferred to the University of South Africa. At the age of 22, Serge made the decision to join the work force. He made this decision because he was unable to complete his university degree.

As a young educated man, Serge Belamant had no problem finding a job quickly. His many skill sets enabled him to land a job offer that would heighten his potential, and expand his experience. The first job offer he took on was a job working for a company called the Matrix. As in school, Serge Belamant excelled at his work. As an innovative employee he was rewarded many times, and placed in higher positions of authority. His new titles also credited him with more responsibilities.

In 1980 and 1982, Serge would be named analyst of the year. He achieved this great accomplishment while working with Control Data equipment. While working with these resources he was able to create the VIB network. The first scientifically driven financial system bought by Volkskas. Serge would then start on a new project as an consultant dealing with risk management and analysis. He analyzed risk and tested the sustainability of a business.

Serge was able to do this by developing a 10 step program while working for Bancorp. His many accomplishments would eventually grab the attention of SASWITCH for recruitment. His achievements at Bancorp also earned him a full membership to the RSA Computer Society. Owned by the RSA banks, SASWITCH Limited was a company where Serge headed the IT division. It was here that Serge faced problems with the processing time of transactions within the RSA banking system and real time switching.

Serge Belamant was charged with the task of fixing the problem with the switching system that was operating on a Christian Rovsing computer system. Serge was able to fix the problem of not being able to transfer real time switching to a stand-by computer, and not being able to switch over 100 transactions per second. Serge was able to fix this problem by avoiding writing new software programs.

He did this by reversing the communications’ protocols used by each South Africa bank. These communications’ protocols used by each South Africa bank were connected to the switch. Serge had to make a new switch for SASWITCH.

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