Stream Energy

Stream Energy is one of America’s leading provider of life services and also one of the nation’s leading direct selling companies. Stream Energy has established itself as a leader in the industry with revenues close to $8 billion dollars since it started its operations back in 2005. It operates out of many states including New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland and Texas. In Texas, Stream Energy was named as one of the top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers in the state. It offers home services, wireless and energy services directly to its consumers and has a unique business model.

But the reputation of Stream Energy is not just limited to how successful they are in their business operations. It actually extends much more beyond that in terms of the philanthropic activities they are involved in. In fact, the organization has come up with its own philanthropic wing called as ‘Stream Cares’ where their motto is to help the less fortunate companies and give them the opportunity to higher their standard of living. The associates at organization consider these noble activities as a part of the day to day work and have always been at the forefront of representing the organization during its involvement in social causes. With all of this, it would not be erroneous to term that philanthropy is a part of the company’s DNA.

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas region, many of us were helpless spectators and could not do more than just wishing well for the victims and their families. While the devastation was real, it did not stop Stream Energy and their associates to be on the ground and help all the victims with financial assistance and more. Even when there was tornado storm hitting the Texas region, the associates worked closely with the Salvation Army to raise money for the victims to help them get back to normal life. The company also played a pivotal role in raising the standards of living of veteran families in the Dallas area. And while the list continues, it is to be applauded how the company truly cares for the well-being of the community.