Steve Ritchie, the CEO Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie is the current CEO at one of the largest Pizza delivery companies in the world. For the past sixteen years, consumers have rated Papa John’s the number one pizza delivery company regarding customer satisfaction and the quality of services. Mr. Ritchie has undoubtedly contributed to this massive success as he has served in the company since 1996 in various capacities. He joined the company as a customer service agent earning six dollars per hour. He has excelled exemplary in every role he has held in the company which earned him the promotion to his current position in January 2018. Some of the roles Steve Ritchie have held in the company include; delivery driver, store general manager, franchise owners, and director of operations.

Almost his entire career, Steve Ritchie has worked at Papa John’s. He, however, worked at a bakery as an operations consultant. Also, he worked in a local pizza distributor in his hometown where he developed a passion in the pizza industry. Besides, he obtained the values of dedication, commitment, and hard work. His appointment to head the company came at the right moment as the ideal person to reclaim back customers as well as remold the company’s image. He is already on the right track because as at now, the company has started regaining massive pizza orders across the country. Regarding his future, Steve Ritchie aims to own over 100 franchise units in the company.

According to Steve Ritchie, the mission of Papa John’s and his team is to provide customers of all walks of life with the best pizza and excellent customer service. He seeks to improve the ingredients of the pizza to make the highest quality pizza across the globe. As the CEO of the company, he aims to promote the supply of Papa John’s pizza on a global scale. To achieve this, he has led the company in formulating new strategies for improving its brand. First, the company will implement recent technological advancements to enhance accessibility and efficiency in the pizza ordering process. The company seeks to partner with Facebook to provide customers with an instant order option.