Shervin Pishevar’s Incredible Tweetstorm Predictions

It’s not often that top Silicon Valley people will give away their most prized predictions. However, one tech executive, Shervin Pishevar, decided to spill the beans on an epic 21-hour tweetstorm. These predictions, ranging from the future of Bitcoin to America’s infrastructure, are revealed below.

The Dow Will Drop 6,000 Points

Mr. Pishevar started out with a dramatic prediction that the Down Jones Industrial Average would fall 6,000 points. If that prediction comes true, then that would mean the broad market would fall into the biggest bear market since the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009.

Bitcoin Will Fall 90%

The predictions got wilder when Shervin Pishevar predicted that the world’s largest cryptocurrency would continue to fall all the way down to the $2,000 to $5,000 level before it would stabilize. The $2,000 price point marks a 90% crash from Bitcoin’s $20,000 high in late 2017.

California Will No Longer Lead Tech

Perhaps one of the most shocking predictions made by Shervin Pishevar was that Silicon Valley would no longer be the center of the tech universe. The executive’s rationale is that most start-ups will simply work anywhere they want and connect remotely with engineers, venders and investors.

America’s Infrastructure Will Continue to Fall Behind

Going a little bit out of his area of expertise, Shervin Pishevar predicts that America will continue to fall behind countries like China when it comes to infrastructure. Mr. Pishevar points out that the fact that the Chinese were recently able to build an entire train station in 9 hours as a demonstration of the country’s building advantage over the United States.

The Biggest Companies Will Continue to Dominate

Mr. Pishevar went on to talk about the world’s largest companies and their strategic advantage over their smaller competitors. The Silicon Valley executive believes that companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft will become global monopolies, stifling competition.

The 21-hour tweetstorm was the first set of public comments made by Shervin Pishevar since his departure from Uber. Many people have retweeted on commented on the statements made by the Silicon Valley executive. As the months pass, many industry watches will wait and see which one of these predictions will come to pass.

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