Serge Belamant Is Improving Transactions

Serge Belamant was born on 1953 in Tulle, France. When Belamant was 14 years old, he moved to South Africa with his family. And while in South Africa, he went to Highlands North High which is a school for boys. It was there that Belamant learned how to write and speak in English. He also did very well in sports like Chess and Rugby. In Rugby, Serge Belamant got full colors and was named Victor Ludorum in both 1971 and 1970. And he was the captain of the bridge and science club. In the 1972 Chess School championship of South Africa, Belamant was representing Southern Transvaal and came in 6th place.

When Belamant was attending Witwatersrand University, he was studying engineering in the first year, and mathematics and computer science in the second year. Then he spent the third year taking courses in UNISA. Belamant didn’t finish his degree, because he didn’t want to have to take courses again that he already passed. Serge Belamant got job at huge company that did engineering known as Matrix. Along with being the head of the section of computers and doing projects of road planning, Belamant would also aid the engineers of Control Data. Soon he got the job in Control Data and became in charge of ESKOM. After moving up to two more positions, Belamant found own company known as Net1 in 1989. Clearvoice, Wikipedia, Background, and Crunchbase

On, an article was written about a new product developed by Net1. Serge Belamant over saw this project himself. He created the blockchain technology on a card that works both on and offline without connecting to any computer. It’s being called the Blockchain Debit Card. These are also known as smart cards that record and store all transactions. On, an article was written about Belamant filing for six patents to protect his new inventions. And they’re all designed to improve financial transactions. And these patents were granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office also known as the USPTO. Blockchain and Patents.

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