Securus customers enjoy added crime prevention from features

One of the most popular new technologies to hit the prison industry in the United States over the last decade has been video visitation by Securus Technologies. This revolutionary new form of communication, which allows inmates and their family members to stay in nearly constant touch with each other, has proven that technological innovation can still confer huge benefits for the prison industry as a whole.


One of the things that prison administrators and staff love so much about the new virtual visitation technology is a large suite of features that allow the system to automatically detect criminal activity taking place over it. The video visitation system is able to automatically record and electronically transcribe every conversation taking place over it. It can then parse the speech, looking for any anomalies, including the use of code words or discussion of topics that may be related to the commission of crimes.


The video visitation system is also able to automatically exclude any banned parties from talking over the system. Using advanced biometric technology that is based on artificial intelligence algorithms, the video visitation system can automatically detect the presence of any known criminals or other unauthorized parties, immediately shutting down the conversation or, in the case of ongoing criminal investigations, covertly alerting the prison staff to the conversation taking place. The prison staff can then be given an option to listen in on the conversation, revealing any criminal plans or other violations of prison protocol.


Overall, the video visitation technology has been so successful that it has been implemented in over half of it nation’s prisons. Carceral institutions throughout the country continue to rave about the popularity of the video visitation system as well as the increase revenues that have been accruing to prison to where it has been installed.


This is just one example of how Securus continues to make prison safer.