Sahm Adrangi’s Evaluation of QuinStreet.

Sahm Adrangi pioneered Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009. The main aim of coming up with the organization was to identify viable long-term investments and advise the clients. The firm is involved in extensive research in the stock market to help their clients understand how it works. According to him, there is a lot of misconceptions concerning the industry. Through his leadership, the firm has expanded its operations into areas such as biotechnology, telecommunications, and mining. He is well known in the banking sector for his role and commitment in restoring a good image after many incidences of fraud. Due to his work, the respective authorities took action against the companies involved in unethical practices.

Sahm Adrangi attends many events where he is always invited to talk about the trends and challenges in the banking sector. Some of the events include the Activist Investor Conference and the Sohn Conference. Some publications such as Wall Street Journal and the New York Times have also covered his work. He has worked at multinational companies such as Longacre Fund Management where he was in charge of managing more than $2billion.

Recently, he released a report concerning QuinStreet. The company gets its income from the internet users that click on sponsored links. According to him, the firm is not performing well as it has continued to rely on only one client to generate revenue. Sahm Adrangi points out that the organization needs to provide higher quality services to their customers and change their business model to a modern one as the consumer needs keep on changing. He suggests the adoption of models that are easy to comprehend for the clients.

According to Sahm Adrangi, QuinStreet has engaged in unethical practices by falsifying their income levels. He argues that the firm has also used false information to get more clients. For example, the company stated that one of their main source of traffic is a website known as, which does not exist. He questions the legitimacy of the firm. After a discussion with former workers at QuinStreet, he found that the company uses outdated technology in their operations.