Roseann Bennett Looks To Dogs For Innovation


In the medical world, doctors are always looking for new ways to innovate their options for patients. This can be in the form of new treatments, or as simple as adding man’s best friend to the facility. Roseann Bennett is a therapist out of the New Jersey area, where she has recently been experimenting with Canine-Assisted Therapy.

A recent article with the website BlogWebpedia goes into greater depth on the benefits of dogs for medical purposes. Roseann Bennett has been working for over a decade to better impact the lives of her patients. In 2010, she founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment to aid her goal of helping those with mental illness. Unlike their service dog counterparts, therapy dogs provide emotional support for their owners. Their first use was documented back in 1976, and research has shown some breeds are more suited to the role than others. They are often used in settings such as school, home, or the doctor’s office. Go To This Page for additional information.

According to Roseann Bennett, therapy dogs can help children and adults alike in different ways. Studies have shown that a presence of a dog will increase a child’s learning ability. It will also ease any anxiety they have with a given situation. While in adults, the presence of a dog can fill an emptiness void. They are often used to help patients overcome depression, traumatic events, and improve one’s surroundings. There is nothing quite like an animal who will always be there for you.

Dogs are wonderful animals that can serve a variety of roles. Roseann Bennett has found great success with using them at her own practice, and continues to seek new situations where man’s best friend can help their fellow humans. Medical science is a industry where treatment options can only be improved over time.


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