Ronald Fowlkes Many Layers of Security

There are probably a lot of people at the ice rink that see a certain hockey Dad and coach and don’t realize this man has spent much of his life keeping people safe. The front lines of security have counted on Ronald Fowlkes in many ways throughout his life. He currently works with FirstSpear a company that makes quality tactical equipment for security personnelf both in and out of the military. They have been in business since 2010 and are considered top of the line in the industry.


Ronald Fowlkes knew about FirstSpear from his time in the United States Marines and his following years on the St. Louis Police force. While in the department Ronald led the SWAT group, giving him first hand insight into what equipment kept the group equipped best. After seeing FirstSpear products throughout his career in the military and police he knew eventually this was the kind of place he wanted a part of.


As Director of Business Development and part owner of FirstSpear Ronald sees the importance his customers have to the business. Because the products are made with such quality and are constantly improving, customers are pleased. This kind of positive reaction helps to bring customers to FirstSpear. Ronald Fowlkes is on top of insurancing the products are seen at trade show events and marketing promotions. The bottom line for Ronald is keeping customers with the high quality from FirstSpear that they have become accustomed to.


Ronald Fowlkes is a paper and pencil guy personally, but the products are constantly being upgraded and tested for easier wear and usability. His background in the military and police have only hightened his knowledge of what is needed and necessary in the field. With this kind of understanding you understand why they are a standard with NATO and local and state law enforcement.


The more you learn about Ronald Fowlkes the more you can understand his drive and motivation with FirstSpear. A graduate of the Army Jump School shows how fearless he really is. His knowledge in sales, marketing, and business development are also just a piece of a many layered man. So this hockey Dad will come home at night to his new home and rest easy knowing he is working for something he is extremely a part of.