Philanthropy work of Betsy DeVos

Betsy Devos’ passion for reform and progress started back in college where she was active in student politics. In her adult life, she has contributed significantly towards educational reforms, political campaigns and a variety of charitable work across the country. Her philanthropic work is beyond remarkable having donated vast sums of money to non-profit organizations dealing with health care, education reform, and Christian work among others. These noble gestures propelled her to becoming chair of the philanthropy roundtable, which promotes philanthropy across the nation. During her tenure there, she fought for scholarships and school vouchers for the underprivileged children, as she believes every child deserves the right to quality education. Together with her husband Dick Devos, they donated 26 per cent of their charitable foundation’s money The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to educational institutions in 2015, which was about $3 million.

Charity and philanthropy do not end with education, Betsy Devos has contributed to the field of art with the important $22 million donations to launch the Devos Institute of arts management at the University of Maryland.

She has been an active player in politics as a key supporter and fundraiser for the Republican Party. In the 1990s, she served as chair for the statewide party in Michigan. She was a pivotal player during the George W. Bush campaign and has contributed to various other Republican candidates over the years.

The Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation has donated to the health sector. Among the many beneficiaries is the Michigan pregnancy resource Centre that researchers and contribute to pregnant women’s welfare in the state. Their donations are meant to help the people in need directly as evident at the Hellen Devos Children’s hospital, which specializes in treating kids diagnosed with brain cancer.

As she begins a new chapter of her career as secretary of education, she has great aspirations of improving the quality of teaching in the United States and ensuring affordable access to education for all. Through the All Children Matter organization that she founded with her husband, she has promoted the school sector in many ways including tax benefits to firms that support educational reforms. She continues to believe that the education system should be opened up more to even allow kids from unprivileged families’ access to private schools through scholarships and school vouchers.

Betsy Devos’ drive for philanthropic work stems from her sincere Christian beliefs according to her previous statements. Over the years, she has also contributed to Christian foundations and churches with the recent donation of $1 million to the Willow Creek of Chicago making headlines. Grand Rapids Christian High School is another big beneficially of her generosity having at one point received $2.39 million.

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