Penelope Kokkinides says Puerto Rico’s Healthcare System will improve with new legislation.

Penelope Kokkinides is among the few women executives in the health industry who have contributed immensely to better the industry. Presently Penelope works at InnovaCare, Inc where she is the Chief Administrative Officer. InnovaCare is the leading provider of managed healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The healthcare provider manages PMC Medicare Choice, Inc and MMM Healthcare, Inc which are two of the most popular health plans in Puerto Rico.


Kokkinides has spent more than twenty years working in the healthcare industry where she has developed a specialty in Medicaid and Medicare which are the two most popular government programs. Over the years, Penelope has worked with InnovaCare in different capacities as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and also as the Chief Operating Officer.


InnovaCare operates two Medicaid plans incorporated in the Government Health Plan of Puerto Rico. The healthcare company is the only provider of NCQA- licensed health care plans. Penelope has been of much help to the company, in dealing with the government plans borrowing from her rich experience of two years dealing with similar programs. In the course of her career, success has kept her company and she has turned out as an expert in developing and managing clinical programs in a bid to increase dependability and efficiency of the programs.


Recently Kokkinides was among eight women who visited US President Donald Trump to deliberate on federal health care legislation and engagements. Present at the White House meeting was Seema Verma who is the administrator of CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.) In the meeting, Penelope stressed the importance of dedicating more funds to Puerto Rico’s Medicare Advantage plan.


Citing the massive slash in the budget for the healthcare plan in Puerto Rico by the previous administration, Kokkinides praised Trumps administration for considering revising the Medicare Advantage payments. She said that these efforts will help Puerto Rico Medicaid system recover and bay off a collapse which would result in massive disadvantages to the people of the island. CMS later released after the meeting, favorable adjustments to the healthcare system of Puerto Rico, a move that is hailed by Kokkinides.


More about Penelope Kokkinides


Prior to her time with InnovaCare, Penelope has served in a number of executive positions. She worked at Centerlight Healthcare as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, where she was in charge of the managed care division and general management. Additionally, she served at Touchstone Health as the Chief Operating Officer and also at AmeriChoice, where she co-headed the Disease Management Unit.


She attended Binghamton University where she attained a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages. She holds a public health masters degree from Columbia University School of Public Health. She additionally holds a masters degree in Social work from the New York University.