George Soros’ Penchant for Tenacity and Resilience to overcome Tough Challenges

The story of how George Soros rose from modest beginnings to his present top position of leadership in the world of investment and entrepreneurship is fairytale-like. Throughout his life, the man has demonstrated a strong penchant for tenacity and resilience which has helped to propel him to the top of both the political and business worlds. He has such an audacious spirit, and when faced with adversity, he comes out to pursue a goal with a firm resolution. In the fields of mega finances and humanitarian involvements, Mr. Soros can be compared to the Biblical Goliath for his strength of character.

He has very few equals among his peers, and his rise to success is attested to by the influence he commands in the investment circles. He was born and brought up in Hungary, Eastern Europe, but early in life, he decided to move to the west where he knew there were opportunities to be turned to prosperity. He immediately understood the importance of acquiring a sound education, and so he took odds jobs, first as a railway porter, and then as a waiter to pay his way through the London School of Economics. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Soon after arming himself with knowledge in economics, and driven by a passion for succeeding, he dove into the turbulent and unpredictable arena of stock and foreign exchange trade. To get well acquainted with the complicated affairs of trading in currencies, he started by working for a merchant bank where he gained valuable experience. Soon after that, his high ambitions drove him to America where he landed in New York City on Wall Street. With $12 million, which was a handsome sum in 1969 and aided by a fierce desire to succeed, George Soros found a small hedge fund operation which he later named the Quantum Fund! He had the sharp instincts of a stock speculator which enabled him to trade on the British Pound accurately. He made significant profits with the business, and immediately he became a major player in the world of mega investments.

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At the moment, the value of his assets is estimated to be over $30 billion. To manage the vast business portfolio he has built, George Soros has hired Dawn Fitzpatrick who is a respected expert to run his large investment empire called the Soros Fund Management. Apart from business engagements, he is also a keen political player and supporter of liberal politics. He contested the U.S. presidency against George W. Bush in 2004, and after losing by a slight margin, he took a short break from politics. However, he is back in the policy, and he now supports Democratic causes besides donating generously to many humanitarian groups and nonprofits. He supports an organization called Voting Rights Trust, and he also hopes to bring immigrant reforms. Read more about George’s life story at

US Money Reserve Runs Several Weeks Of DRTV Debate Summits

US Money Reserve is one of the largest private companies in the gold and silver sales industry. They not only sell gold and silver products to investors, they help educate and inform them on the hows and whys of investing in precious metals.

To demonstrate their commitment to solid ethics and the truth about investing, US Money Reserve hosted the “2016 Gold Summit” on Direct Response TV (DRTV), a national TV event this last fall during the presidential debates.

US Money Reserve had several executives including President Philip Diehl come to the panel at this event, and longtime CNN host Larry King moderated it. Also, Michael Reagan came in at the beginning to deliver his own knowledge on gold and silver investing.

According to Bloomberg, US Money Reserve is the only privately-owned precious metals company to have a former US Mint Director serving as president. And Philip N. Diehl’s credentials speak highly of his expertise in the field, and he’s been willing to assist newcomers and point them in the right direction when it comes to gold and silver investing.

Diehl was formerly an accounts manager for the Texas Comptroller’s Office and knew how to manage public funds, and he took that knowledge to the US Mint where he turned operations into billion-dollar profits and brought high returns to the American taxpayers. He also had a high quality website constructed for the US Mint to provide customers with even more options.

The US Money Reserve has a strong commitment to customer service and ethical business practices, characteristics that Diehl sought when he moved into the private sector.

The company lists several reasons in their introductions to investing in gold for newcomers, but among the top reasons for doing so is to have a reliable place to store your financial assets when the economy has a downturn.

Stock market crashes, sovereign debt, foreign trade deficits and other economic factors could cause banks and investment firms to lose value in a heartbeat, and if such an emergency happens it’s wise to invest in gold or silver bullion. Gold and silver coins are recognized tender and can be resold once the time to return to paper currency comes.

There are risks to investing in gold and silver that investors should know about before undertaking it, but if you feel you’re ready to add precious metals to your safe, the sales team at US Money Reserve is standing by to help you.

How Anthony Petrello Chalks Up His Highly Successful Career To Luck

As the top executive at Nabors Industries, Ltd., Anthony Petrello oversees the global onshore drilling operations of this massive company. Nabor Industries has drilling operations the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and throughout North and South America. It also provides drilling platforms, software, and services to offshore drilling operations across the globe.

Anthony Petrello is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the board for this company which is operationally headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Anthony Petrello’s successful management of Nabor Industries has been financially rewarded very well over the years. In fiscal year 2015, he was compensated about $27.7 million. This was a steep drop, though from 2012 when he earned $68.2 million. The difference in pay was caused by a change in Nabors Industries compensation practices as well as corporate governance changes. He remains on the list of the 50 top-paid CEOs in the United States.

Anthony Petrello’s old college roommate, Lloyd Grove, is a writer for The Daily Beast. Lloyd wrote an article where he talked about learning about Anthony’s huge success, something he hadn’t been aware of until looking at a list of the highest paid CEOs in the US. After the inevitable depression and envy of wondering why he hadn’t been similarly successful, Lloyd decided to get in contact with Anthony. He was unsuccessful getting hold of Anthony Petrello by phone, but he did soon receive an email. In the email, Anthony says that he has learned in his career that luck trumps being smart, and he had been very lucky.

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Brad Reifler: An American Entrepreneur And Investor

Bradley Carl Reifler is presently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC since 2009. He has an impressive and extensive resume, has founded other companies, has served on multiple boards, and advisory boards. He has been granted Series 3, 7, 24 and 63 Regulatory licenses.

Brad Reifler received a B.A. from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science. The first company he founded was Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. It was bought by Refco, a prominent futures company. Reifler had a particular interest in global derivatives and focused on equity markets. He was successful in accruing over one billion dollars in commission income.

Brad Reifler has a commitment to the average investor. He realizes that unsophisticated investors can be harmed by the pitfalls and dangers of the markets. They are not prepared to invest, on their own, lacking the knowledge of sound investing principles.

Brad Reifler is an American entrepreneur. He knows that the average investors are prohibited by the government because they do not have the wealth to invest directly in public funds, commodity funds, and hedge funds.

Reifler published an article providing investment tips for the average personto have the opportunity to become a successful investor. He advises that the investor not solely invest in the stock market and they should know their fund managers, to trust who is spending their money.

Forefront Capital Advisors provides its financial services globally, managing investments, merchant banking, and investment banking services. Forefront attracts respected and influential business leaders which relationships are usually not available to a boutique firm. Forefront has viewed its clients as long-term partners. Brad Reifler has created public and private investment portfolios to access market opportunities for Forefront’s clients.

The company has formed the Forefront Capital Advisors‘ charity and has partnered with the Easter Seals Dixon Center on behalf of veterans and military families.

While partnering is a good business decision, Forefront made a $3 million donation to fund Easter Seals Dixon Center’s, which will provide programs for job training for veterans, caregiving services training, health, wellness, education, and advocacy to support veterans.

Don’t Fight Your Hair any Longer!

If you’re curious about WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner, then read on to find out what happened when Emily McClure tried it for a week as illustrated in this Bustle article.

On the first day of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner, Emily found that her hair already felt thicker, was shinier and more manageable. On day two, Emily noticed that her roots felt more greasy than usual and since she didn’t have time to shower, her hair felt flat until she showered. (Then she once again got shiny and voluminous hair).

On day three, her hair wasn’t as greasy as the previous day and after showering, her hair was shiny and healthy. She used her usual styling products, but noticed that her hair did tend to get a little flatter as the day wore on. On day four, she didn’t have time to shower and her hair was greasy and unmanageable. On day five, after showering and curling her hair, she had complete hair confidence. Day six brought complaints on her shiny hair. On the final day of her experiment, Emily found tat her hair was once again fabulous after showering and styling as usual.

Overall, WEN Cleansing Conditioner does what it says and will transform your hair into a healthier and more manageable mane. However, you do need to make sure that you shower more often and it may take a little more effort, but if you are looking for great hair, then it is worth it.

Chaz Dean ( created WEN Cleansing Conditioner and is a very successful stylist. His clients include celebrities and he styles hair for award and fashion shows. Although his career has brought him great success, Chaz Dean still remains very humble and is helping people to achieve the hair that they want through his products and talent.

Visit your local Sephora store or head over to to purchase Wen online.

Villanueva MB2 recap

Doctor Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental with the aim of bringing out the best in the dentist world in both the individual and workforce versions of the medical practice. Dr. Chris spent most of his time in the corporate dentistry before starting out his company.


The main aim is giving the best to the clients without compromising the integrity of His profession. He realized that dental practitioners needed assistance that comes without any attachment, he founded MB2 Dental. Since its inception, the firm has supported professionals in seventy different locations as well as its 533 employees.


It continues to offer a tightly knit leadership spurring excellence. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Chris made the mistake of venturing into Pizza business with his colleagues which failed. Typical dental practice is drab and uninspiring. MB2 Dental focuses on more than the profit margins. Dr. Villanueva built the firm based on autonomy, personal growth, and fun. MB2 Dental makes practical experiences that help build on services offered to clients. The skills make healthier practitioners that assist in promoting normal business operations and satisfied customers.


Doctor Chris Steven got the idea of developing MB2 Dental from graduate school since there were only two options for dentists; to start a private practice or join the corporate world. MB2 Dental focuses on keeping both the doctor and the patient first. Dr. Chris Steven says that if he had to start MB2 Dental again, he would concentrate on getting the infrastructure laid before beginning the business.


MB2 Dental founded on the principle that teamwork among doctors brings more accomplishment than the individual work. It offers a fresh and youthful perspective on how the dental practice is carried out. It is changing the lives of both patients and dentists.


The progressive business culture founded on excellence has continuously led to growth in the firm. The practice is based on practice and trends that are firmly entrenched on each other. MB2 Dental provides dentists with an opportunity of learning from each other. Since dentists have a chance for full commitment, they can retain the control of the practice.


There is an expert team that offers legal, human resource, payroll and any marketing challenge the firm might face. MB2 Dental has provided a new path to the future company of dentistry practice. Its owners get to enjoy weekend’s retreats bi-annually where they interact with fellow practitioners in the industry.



Adam Goldenberg Takes Customer Feedback Above Others

When Adam Goldenberg is asked what the biggest influence is in a company, he will name customer feedback to be the top influence in the For one thing, the company may supply the products and offer the services, but it is the customer that decides whether a company is worth doing business with. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the company as a whole. Adam and his company, TechStyle works hard on providing the customers with products they want. They also make sure that they are available to answer the questions and concerns of the customer.

Adam Goldenberg also considers customer feedback important because there are always new customers to gain. When one customer writes a bad review about a company, it could prevent the company from getting new customers. At the same time, it could cause the company to lose some other customers. This is why Adam Goldenberg works very hard to provide good and consistent service on He makes sure that the products that are offered are good and that the customers feel welcome and appreciated. Therefore, customers are treated with respect and kindness. All it takes is one unsatisfied customer to write a review that will drive all of the other customers away.

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One reason that customer feedback is very important is that a lot of businesses have some flaws that they are unaware of. The only way it could be fixed is if someone tells them about something. As long as they take the feedback into consideration and use that as inspiration to make the business better, then they will continue to see some success in their careers at

Adam has used customer feedback for various aspects of business which included the products that they offer. For instance, if there is an issue with the sizing, then Adam Goldenberg is willing to hear it so that he could make the necessary adjustments. One thing that could be said about fashion is that it is important for people to know what firs them well. If sizing is consistent, then that will help people a lot.

Meet the Amazing Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the son of Omar Boraie. Together they control Boraie Development, an urban real estate group that helped transform New Brunswick. Originating from Egypt with nothing, this duo has made their vision in not just a successful firm but also brought a big difference to the community. Through their real estate investments and philanthropy work, they have transformed the once small town of New Brunswick to the promising city it is today. The most incredible thing is that, despite these two making it, they still have a place in their heart for the less privileged.

Some of the projects that Sam Boraie and Boraie Growth have fulfilled in the community

The company worked with basketballer Shaquille O’Neal to build an amazing residential building in Newark. This was the town’s first high-rise building in 50 years. Once the sixty million dollar is complete, it will be open for Newark residents to rent. O’Neal came from Newark when he wanted to give back to the community, Sam and company were ready to work with him. In addition to that rental complex, this collaboration helped Newark in the following ways; a new movie theater, improved market rate, housing and retail development.

Sam is also on the board of trustees of State Theatre NJ. Sam and Boraie Development sponsored the Theatre’s Free Summer Movie Series. The event lasted for the months of July and August and residents were able to enjoy favorites like Aladdin, Frozen, and Monster University. This program was completely free it gave families a chance to come together and enjoy watching family friendly movies.

Sam and Boraie Development are the ones behind the New Brunswick community. These are numerous projects and luxurious donations to give back to New Jersey residents, The residents appreciate these projects highly.

According to his crunchbase page, Sam also serves on the advisory board of a nonprofit organization called Elijah’s Promise. The organization provides food and clothing to the less fortunate and uses philanthropy as a tool to transform the community. According to Sam, developers should first work on developing the community before developing the property. They should also do their best to change communities in positive ways. Sam works together with Elijah’s Promise to break the poverty cycles in New Jersey. They achieve this by trying to end hunger and unemployment in the area. The organization empowers the residents to seek sustainable employment opportunities.

Sam and Boraie Development are working hard to change the real estate industry. They have expanded their work to Atlantic City. One such project is at Pauline’s Prairie in Atlantic City. According to the New York Times, the company still has great plans for Atlantic City. They plan on adding both retail markets and housing there. They also have a plan to build a 250-unit apartment in New Jersey. Boraie Development is looking forward to being the providers of all these.

In conclusion, Sam is diligent and together with Boraie Development, they pride themselves in developing projects that benefit the community as a whole and not just their business.


Fabletics’ Strategies Pays Off in the Fashion Industry

Within a period of three years only, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics grew from scratch to a $250 million worth fashion e-commerce business. This was a remarkable growth rate, primarily because Amazon largely dominates the industry. To market a brand in the fashion industry, a little push, and customer motivation is needed. Fabletics have a fashion membership brand where customers can subscribe, providing the much-needed client motivation and convenience.


Global economic changes have gradually and significantly impacted on fashion brands. Before these economic changes, quality and price defined the value of a brand. Modern-day customers attach the value of a brand to things like design, brand recognition, personalized services, and door-step delivery. Fabletics have positioned itself in line with these new market trends by opening physical stores in several states, including Illinois, Florida, California, and Hawaii. This strategy, together with their fashion membership brand has helped them elbow out competitors.


According to Fabletics’ general manager, Mr. Gregg Throgmartin, the secret behind the company’s success was their ability to build a high-value brand right from the beginning. He said that their version of a high-value brand was reimagined and modernized to suit the customers’ interests. Gregg added that Fabletics’ membership model came in handy to help them offer personalized services to their clients. The model also enabled them to provide trendy fashion at a relatively lower price compared to their competitors. The general manager also noted that making customers happy got very easy after understanding who they were and what their preferences were.


Reverse Showroom Technique


Many businesses in the fashion industry are finding it hard to cope with the showroom model of marketing. They are concerned that people have the tendency of browsing offline to assess the prices, only to opt for cheaper items from other firms. Fabletics have turned the showroom model to their advantage by employing the Reverse Show Room Technique. This technique has helped them build strong relationships with their customers. They have also understood the local market better. Consequently, close to 50 percent of the people who shop at any of the Fabletics’ physical stores are already their members while 25 percent of the non-members subscribe for the membership after their experience at the store.



A Customer’s Review


Teri Hutcheon, a blogger and a paying member of Fabletics, took to her blog to explain her experience with Fabletics. She describes a pair of leggings she purchased from Fabletics as of good quality- thick, tight, and durable. As of style, Teri was satisfied with the wide variety of styles at Fabletics. She was impressed by items made of fabric and those with cut-outs and bold patterns


According to Teri, the products at Fabletics are cheap considering their good quality. Besides, their prices are relatively low when compared to those of their competitors. Case in point, her legging that cost her only $50 at Fabletics would have cost her $80 had she bought them elsewhere. She commended Fabletics’ website for being nice and easy to navigate. At the end of her blog, Teri recommended Fabletics to her readers.

EOS creates demand out of thin air with hip marketing campaign

Brand manufacturer EOS lip balm has done what many considered to be impossible. They’ve entered a saturated market that was controlled by giant corporations and successfully launched a new product that has come to dominate the market. EOS lip balm is now the second hottest-selling product in that space, and it continues to set new sales records with each passing year.

The stale gets replaced with the hip

EOS cofounders, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, knew that they wanted to create a hip product from the ground up. They had zeroed in on the lip balm market as being made up of stale, old products that had scarcely changed over the preceding 100 years. They thought they could do better.

Through intensive market research, the duo determined that their primary demographic was millennial women, ages 25-35. The Lip Balm Company set out to create a product that would wow their audience. They wanted to create a lip balm that would thrill all five senses and create a buzz within the targeted demographic group.

After a year of meetings with designers, chemists and marketers, they emerged with a product that was unlike anything that had ever been seen before. A fruit-shaped product with dozens of unique fragrances, EOS lip balm fulfilled its goal of catering to all senses. It came in a hexahedral, glass-like container with a solid, expensive feel. What’s more, it was quickly gaining favor with many millennial celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, all of whom were seen regularly using the product.

This was augmented by an epic social media campaign. EOS currently has over 7,000,000 followers on Facebook( and over 2,000,000 on Twitter. Single posts from its Facebook page routinely get over 40,000 likes.

Today according to, EOS is the number two most popular lip balm in the U.S., selling over 1,000,000 units per week.