OSI Food Solutions Now Expands In Spanish Market

OSI Food Solutions is getting bigger and better each day. The latest expansion in Spain is a clear indicator that the chicken production company is headed far. Operating from a handful of offices in Toledo, OSI Food Solutions has managed to double its chicken, pork, and beef production in the recent past from 12, 000 tons last year to a staggering 24, 000 tons this year.

Due to increasing demand, the company has been forced to look for quickest yet viable solutions to meet the demands of its consumers. According to the company’s Managing Director, Jose Maria del Rio, the increasing demand for chicken products is the reason for this recent expansion. Maria said that in recent days, a number of consumers have been receiving minimal portions of the products they order. This is facilitated the company to look for means to ensure their clients receive exactly what they order.

The expansion has also enabled OSI Solutions to increase their employees. In March this year, OSI announced on their website that they are adding 20 new employees. The website said that those that would be recruited would add value to the company’s production line. What the company was looking at are skilled persons who would add to its list of employees. Among the experts OSI Food Solutions was looking for was a product development manager. Prior to the expansion, OSI’s Toledo facility had 140 employees.

“With the new facility, we are looking to increase productivity and sustainability. Never again will our clients complain of minimal chicken, beef or pork production. We will deliver whatever they want. All these will be made possible thanks to the expansion of both the facility and the number of employees,” said the Managing Director. The new buildings spread a well over 22, 600 sq ft and comprise product development kitchen, employees’ lounge, supply and storage area, refrigerated rooms, production hall, and receiving areas among other departments.

OSI Food Solutions Chief Operating Officer (COO) David McDonald said that the company is looking forward to make their clients happy. He said that the top management is satisfied that the steps the company has made are aimed at delivering sustainable food solutions to its consumers. “This new facility in Toledo has come at the right time. The new equipment does not only reduce power consumption but also increased production. We are very happy about the achievement,” McDonald said. OSI Food Solutions UK awarded 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council.

Over the past several years, OSI Food Solutions has received several trophies under the able hands of José María del Río the MD, Sheldon Lavin the CEO and Chairman, and David McDonald, the COO and President to the company. The awards include Global Visionary Award and Edward C. Jones Community Service Award among others.

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