OSI: Food Solutions At It’s Best

The OSI Food Solutions Foundation was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky, who made the company into a family-oriented meat market and butcher shop, located in Chicago, USA. Over the decades, the business expanded and in 1975, the company changed their name from Otto & Sons to the OSI Food Solutions. Likewise, in 1986, their main facility opens in Chicago, Illinois. Today, they reign on the list of America’s Top 100 Food Companies!

Now, that OSI Food Solutions has become one of the leading global food services, this company has worked with many food producing companies around the world over the years. It has also grown to market in over 16 country locations around the world. These companies include being McDonald’s first fresh ground beef supplier in 1955. In 1994, their second processing plant opened in Shanghai,China. OSI has facilities located in, Austria, Asia, Australia, Canada, China, India, Germany, Japan, Hungary, the Ukraine, Taiwan, Spain, Poland, the Philippines,and the Netherlands. A recent facility has opened in the United Kingdom as well. in 2016, OSI had an opportunity and took it when the Tyson Food company let OSI build their own Tyson Food Plant on the Southside of Chicago to help promote both brands. This is another example of how global OSI Food Solutions is, as this is another building block to the company’s already growing tower of expansion. Furthermore some of their past expansions were to Europe and Germany via joint venture in 1978, Spain in 1980, Latin America and Brazil in 1982, Austria in 1989, and the Philippines in 1990, just to mention a few.

Everything that OSI makes is made to order, whether that is meat, vegetables, fruit, and protein foods. In America, the OSI team makes custom food processing that is unique for it’s demand of the company’s customers, which can range from cookies, breads, dough, baked goods and pastries to meat, poultry, seafood. Hot dogs and sandwiches. Everything they make also is of high quality standards, meets the safety standards of the Food and Drug Administration, and as well as environmental concerns to their consumers health.

Appointed CEO and now Chairman of the company as of 2018, Sheldon Lavin has successfully turned this company into a multi-million-dollar food processor. Lavin has also won a Global Visionary Award by the India’s Vision World Academy.

OSI Food Solutions continues to provide extraordinary meats and produce custom labels as a global food supplier, that is why they are one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies. They also will continue to succeed in distribution of food products to many different companies and quick service restaurants with an innovative personal touch and a delightful appetite.