Meet the Amazing Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the son of Omar Boraie. Together they control Boraie Development, an urban real estate group that helped transform New Brunswick. Originating from Egypt with nothing, this duo has made their vision in not just a successful firm but also brought a big difference to the community. Through their real estate investments and philanthropy work, they have transformed the once small town of New Brunswick to the promising city it is today. The most incredible thing is that, despite these two making it, they still have a place in their heart for the less privileged.

Some of the projects that Sam Boraie and Boraie Growth have fulfilled in the community

The company worked with basketballer Shaquille O’Neal to build an amazing residential building in Newark. This was the town’s first high-rise building in 50 years. Once the sixty million dollar is complete, it will be open for Newark residents to rent. O’Neal came from Newark when he wanted to give back to the community, Sam and company were ready to work with him. In addition to that rental complex, this collaboration helped Newark in the following ways; a new movie theater, improved market rate, housing and retail development.

Sam is also on the board of trustees of State Theatre NJ. Sam and Boraie Development sponsored the Theatre’s Free Summer Movie Series. The event lasted for the months of July and August and residents were able to enjoy favorites like Aladdin, Frozen, and Monster University. This program was completely free it gave families a chance to come together and enjoy watching family friendly movies.

Sam and Boraie Development are the ones behind the New Brunswick community. These are numerous projects and luxurious donations to give back to New Jersey residents, The residents appreciate these projects highly.

According to his crunchbase page, Sam also serves on the advisory board of a nonprofit organization called Elijah’s Promise. The organization provides food and clothing to the less fortunate and uses philanthropy as a tool to transform the community. According to Sam, developers should first work on developing the community before developing the property. They should also do their best to change communities in positive ways. Sam works together with Elijah’s Promise to break the poverty cycles in New Jersey. They achieve this by trying to end hunger and unemployment in the area. The organization empowers the residents to seek sustainable employment opportunities.

Sam and Boraie Development are working hard to change the real estate industry. They have expanded their work to Atlantic City. One such project is at Pauline’s Prairie in Atlantic City. According to the New York Times, the company still has great plans for Atlantic City. They plan on adding both retail markets and housing there. They also have a plan to build a 250-unit apartment in New Jersey. Boraie Development is looking forward to being the providers of all these.

In conclusion, Sam is diligent and together with Boraie Development, they pride themselves in developing projects that benefit the community as a whole and not just their business.


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