Investment Anxiety Peaks As Shervin Pishevar’s Tweetstorm Becomes Real

At the beginning of 2018, investors thought Trump’s economic agenda would create profitable investment opportunities. Trump likes to brag about his economic policies, but according to the New York Times, Trump’s economic plan is not investor friendly. But it’s not just Trump’s lack of investment insight that makes Shervin Pishevar’s 2018 tweetstorm seem real right now. Several issues like out-of-control student debt, the end of easy money, China’s internal debt bomb, and the fear that more countries will break away from the European Union have investors looking for safe havens in 2019.

Shervin Pishevar, the Silicon Valley angel investor, told the world an economic collapse was in their future at the beginning of 2018. Pishevar is the architect of a 21-hour tweetstorm that gave investors something to laugh about in February 2018. No one expected the stock market to tank the way it did in November and December. But Shervin Pishevar expected that to happen. He warned investors by posting 50 tweets that explained why he expected a 2019 meltdown.

Now that the stock market is in negative territory, investors are re-reading Shervin Pishevar’s tweets. They realize there’s no place to hide in the investment world. Every asset class is under attack, according to Pishevar. Even bonds won’t give investors the protection they need in 2019.

Shervin Pishevar didn’t send those tweets to scare investors. He wanted to warn investors what Trump says won’t help what Trump set in motion on the world economic stage. There’s an investment break down dead ahead, according to Shervin Pishevar. And all investors will take a hit when the meltdown that Pishevar describes is in full bloom.

Some investors say the Pishevar tweetstorm doesn’t make sense, but that’s not what the economic experts say. The experts say the global economy is in trouble, and that trouble will manifest in a number of negative ways. Shervin knew some investors wouldn’t listen when he said the market could drop like a stone. But those investors see the value in Pishevar’s tweetstorm as 2018 comes to an end. They see the trouble Shervin told them about, and they want help. But help is in short supply in the investment world right now.