Infinity Group Australia Has Become One Of The Most Innovative Companies Going Today By Helping Everyday Australians:

nfinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and has quickly risen to become one of the most successful debt reduction firms in Australia. The company has made it its mission to help average Australians to gain bright futures by improving their financial situations. The company has garnered quite a large amount of praise in its short time in business and has recently been recognized with a prestigious honor by the Australian Financial Review. The review has placed Infinity Group Australia as one of its Most Innovative Companies for the year of 2018. The Australian Financial Review has put out this exclusive list for the past seven years and it is a ranking of the most innovative companies in both Australia and New Zealand. The publication has an audience that exceeds 1.8 million.


The Australian Financial Review compiled this list of companies through the consultancy company Inventium along with a panel of experts who are highly distinguished in the industry. Potential candidates were graded based on how well they fared at tackling the issues that they claim they can solve. Companies were rated as to their level of innovativeness in coming to solutions. Over one thousand companies across all of Australia and New Zealand were in the running to be named to this list. This is a clear demonstration of the stiff competition that Infinity Group Australia faced in achieving this high honor. The company’s own Graeme Holm was on hand to accept the honor from the Australian Financial Review during an awards night that was held on July 30th of 2018.


In acceptance of the award, Graeme Holm made sure to give recognition to his outstanding team of professionals that have helped the company to list as the 58th most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. He is thrilled that Infinity Group Australia’s business model of helping average Australians to reduce their debt and improve their finances has been recognized for the innovative concept that it truly is.


In order to help everyday Australians, Infinity Group Australia reviews takes an approach that differs from that of traditional brokerage firms. The company makes it its mission to help its clients through every step of the process of reducing debt and increasing their financial health. To this point, Infinity Group Australia’s team members get detailed with their clients regarding day to day expenses.


Infinity Group Australia meets with its clients on a regular basis to discuss every aspect of their weekly budgets in order to coach them through the financial recovery that comes from debt reduction. Clients are also provided with invaluable performance reports that are given out monthly. This gives clients the ability to determine when changes in the current strategy need to be made. This is all part of the innovative approach that has made Infinity Group Australia into one of Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative firms today. Learn more :