How Anthony Petrello Chalks Up His Highly Successful Career To Luck

As the top executive at Nabors Industries, Ltd., Anthony Petrello oversees the global onshore drilling operations of this massive company. Nabor Industries has drilling operations the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and throughout North and South America. It also provides drilling platforms, software, and services to offshore drilling operations across the globe.

Anthony Petrello is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the board for this company which is operationally headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Anthony Petrello’s successful management of Nabor Industries has been financially rewarded very well over the years. In fiscal year 2015, he was compensated about $27.7 million.  The difference in pay was caused by a change in Nabors Industries compensation practices as well as corporate governance changes. He remains on the list of the 50 top-paid CEOs in the United States.

Lloyd wrote an article where he talked about learning about Anthony’s huge success, something he hadn’t been aware of until looking at a list of the highest paid CEOs in the US. After the inevitable depression and envy of wondering why he hadn’t been similarly successful, Lloyd decided to get in contact with Anthony. He was unsuccessful getting hold of Anthony Petrello by phone, but he did soon receive an email. In the email, Anthony says that he has learned in his career that luck trumps being smart, and he had been very lucky.

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