Felipe Montoro Jens Talks about the Special Meeting in Mendoza

Usually, reporters report on what they hear or see. Felipe Montoro is an infrastructure project expert. He’s become of the most critical reporters in Latin America since Brazil and surrounding countries have started trying to update and excel in today’s modern economy.

Lately, Brazil’s taken charge in leading the rest of Latin America into better economic growth. Much of what is read about Latin America’s economic movement is based on Brazilian trends. Most recently, Felipe Montoro covered the story of officials meeting with the Inter-American Development Bank to discuss private investments being used for infrastructure projects. Read more about Montoro Jens at mundodomarketing.com

The Special Meeting of Governors took place on March 24 in Mendoza, Argentina. The discussion was led by Minister Dyogo Oliveira, Minister of Planning, Development, and Management. He wanted the IDB to support private investments and change the system to facilitate more investments. He even offered a way that more investments could be attracted.

Before anyone made any real decisions, he wanted to make that there was a financial guarantee mechanism that could adequately leverage private investments that are used for infrastructure projects in Latin America. As an expert, Felipe Montoro Jens understood Oliveira’s premise and explained it well.

As Oliveira continued, he mentioned that private investments also offer more efficient solutions for risk management and boost investments in all the surrounding regions as well. Among his supporters is the Finance Minister and Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors, Luis Caputo. He agrees that the IDB should support private investments more in the future.

Private investments mean that Latin America could better set itself up for the next industrial revolution. It won’t be able to keep up unless it takes the time to repair its current infrastructure.

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