Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda has worked in corporate America for much of his life as his entire career has been there. Always having a white collar job and being able to move up in that job or go to another company that was offering him a better position has lead him to be able to be the new CEO of a young marketing company. But that marketing company is where he is now and it doesn’t speak to the hard work that he had to put in to get there. While it is easy to see the success someone has it is hard to know the work that took.

For Edwin that hard work started when he was a child while he was a bright child that was highly intelligent. But from a young age he was successful because he was a hard worker that always prepared himself in school. But his life was not all about school either, as a child he did do sports and other activities for fun as that was an important part of him becoming a well-rounded individual. After high school Edwin went on to study at MIT where he got a degree in biologic’s. After that period of time in college he started to search for a job with his degree like most other graduates. Of course thanks to the college and the connections he had gathered due to an impressive resume he was able to get a job with a drug maker. While he did not get the job making the drugs he soon became the person who approved them before they even went to the FDA. In that position he moved up quickly and after thirty three years was the vice president of the entire operation of quality assurance where he had a flawless record behind him. But from there he moved to Florida where he is now the CEO of a marketing company.

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