Daniel Taub Accomplishes a Great Deal in His Four-Year Term as Ambassador

Although all dignitaries are sent out to foreign countries to represent the interests of their motherland, not all succeed at doing that job. As an Ambassador, you are expected to strengthen the diplomatic relations between the host country and your home country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://twitter.com/danieltaub5 and http://www.parashadiplomatit.co.il/

Daniel Taub, who served as the Israel ambassador to the U.K for four years, was a big success at his job. He is originally British by birth, but had to renounce his British citizenship for the sake of his duties as an Israel government representative.

During the time he served as an ambassador, the U.K and Israel doubled their trade operations. More Israel nationalities were able to open and run businesses in the U.K.

Daniel Taub’s success can be evidenced by better and stronger academic, cultural and trade relations that Israel experienced during his stay in the U.K. According to Sajid Javid, who is the British Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, the four years were a golden age in relation to trade operations.

Javid says that over 300 businesses have been opened up and are being run by Israelis. He approximates the annual bilateral trade to be approximately $7billion. However, according to the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, the annual bilateral trade between Israel and U.K was about $ 5.5 billion.

Daniel Taub was and is still a peace negotiator. He has the demeanor of a calm, peaceful person, who holds religion close to his heart. Even when doing his official duties, he is always dressed like a Jew.

He traveled to Northern Ireland as a peace negotiator, and during his term as the Ambassador, he had foreseen discrimination against the Jews in some U.K campuses and warned against it. As a fearless peacemaker that he is, Taub visited Bradford city, even after its representative had openly declared the region a Jew free zone.

Daniel was born and raised in the U.K. He also studied in prestigious Universities that Britain has, which explains his great intelligence. He attended Oxford University, Harvard and the University of London.

He later moved to Israel in 1989 and served in the Israel defense forces as a medical officer. In 1991, he started working in the Israel foreign ministry.

Daniel is also a successful family man, who is married to Zehava. Together they have six children who they have raised with love. Daniel says that being a believer helped him perform his daily duties successfully.

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