Chris Burch Explains Why Brand Loyalty is Dwindling


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Much is known about Chris Burch, the founder, and owner of Burch Creative Capital. And when his company, C. Wonder closed its doors due to a supposed divorce with ex-wife, Tory Burch, the situation seemed not to have perturbed him the least. The $1billion-worth investor has been busy building his brand empire.

Tory’s lawsuit, which Chris Burch says has caused him tremendous financial losses, compelled him to terminate operations in most of his companies. In 2004, he co-founded Tory Burch with his ex-wife. He sold the last 28.3% ownership of the firm in 2013. Since then, he’s sold C. Wonder and Xcel Brands.

Nonetheless, the innovative investor seems to have an alternative up his sleeve. After the fiasco, the affluent investor has been splurging money on firms with “extraordinary” founders. “I invest my money in humans, and by far, fashion is my choice of business,” he said.

Below, Chris Burch shares his perspectives on copycat brands and the companies he’s invested in that cause positive market disruptions.

According to Mr Burch, the brand idea is going on a downside because there are lots of copycat brands. The situation is compounded by the fact that most companies prefer direct-to-customer, check ( But the trend hardly gets things done. Online marketing has hit full throttle. Big brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci still enjoy consumer loyalty, but the trend odd someone saying they’ve adorned Zara is dwindling away.

When asked how he manages to maintain active roles in so many brands, he replied, “One needs to be intense. I don’t understand how you can get some sleep, knowing that you have things to do; responding to texts and emails among other things. Most people fail to do so because they are afraid of making mistakes, but a decision made faster is better than a slow one.”

Chris Burch is indeed an admirable investor. He’s experienced and diligent in what he does. Being intense and belong loyal to your brand are some factors that have earned him much success, useful updates on


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