Charlamagne Tha God: The Journey

Charlamagne Tha God is a co-host of the nationally syndicated hip-hop iHeartRadio program, The Breakfast Club. From a small town in South Carolina, he worked his way to becoming one of the most unique media personalities in the industry. Along with his co-hosting gig, he is a television personality and social media influencer. Charlemagne is also an executive producer and has his own production company called CThaGod World LLC. Being featured on a number of television shows and co-hosting podcasts, his point of view and provocative interviews have helped shape the urban culture. He is currently making headlines for his New York Times Bestselling book “Black Privilege, Opportunity comes To Those Who Create It” and his new book “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me.” He sat down with Bill Rhoden to discuss this second book.

The book goes into detail onĀ Charlamagne‘s struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and his therapy journey. The title of the book itself is in reference to the Mobb Deep song, “Shook Ones.” Charlemagne goes into detail mentioning in his past he thought he was fearless. He later realized that he did a lot of things, not out of bravery, but because he was scared. The song is about not being “soft” or “shook.” His fears are a result of fights he has been apart of, being attacked and racism.

The remainder of the title, Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me, is paying homage to Geto Boys song. The lyrics coincide with anxiety. In a chapter in the book Charlamagne talks about being black and paranoid in America, or as he called it, “Blackanoid.” There is anxiety that comes with this as an African American male, he states. At the age of 39 he made the decision to start therapy. Therapy and his faith helped him with his fears and help him talk through his past. His narrative has completely changed from who he was as young kid to who he is now as a father and husband. He states, you can judge him for his past if you want, but who he is now doesn’t compare.