Brad Reifler: An American Entrepreneur And Investor

Bradley Carl Reifler is presently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC since 2009. He has an impressive and extensive resume, has founded other companies, has served on multiple boards, and advisory boards. He has been granted Series 3, 7, 24 and 63 Regulatory licenses.

Brad Reifler received a B.A. from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science. The first company he founded was Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. It was bought by Refco, a prominent futures company. Reifler had a particular interest in global derivatives and focused on equity markets. He was successful in accruing over one billion dollars in commission income.

Brad Reifler has a commitment to the average investor. He realizes that unsophisticated investors can be harmed by the pitfalls and dangers of the markets. They are not prepared to invest, on their own, lacking the knowledge of sound investing principles.

Brad Reifler is an American entrepreneur. He knows that the average investors are prohibited by the government because they do not have the wealth to invest directly in public funds, commodity funds, and hedge funds.

Reifler published an article providing investment tips for the average personto have the opportunity to become a successful investor. He advises that the investor not solely invest in the stock market and they should know their fund managers, to trust who is spending their money.

Forefront Capital Advisors provides its financial services globally, managing investments, merchant banking, and investment banking services. Forefront attracts respected and influential business leaders which relationships are usually not available to a boutique firm. Forefront has viewed its clients as long-term partners. Brad Reifler has created public and private investment portfolios to access market opportunities for Forefront’s clients.

The company has formed the Forefront Capital Advisors‘ charity and has partnered with the Easter Seals Dixon Center on behalf of veterans and military families.

While partnering is a good business decision, Forefront made a $3 million donation to fund Easter Seals Dixon Center’s, which will provide programs for job training for veterans, caregiving services training, health, wellness, education, and advocacy to support veterans.

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