Betsy DeVos Continues to Win Respect as Secretary of Education

Betsy DeVos arrived to Washington D.C. for her Senate confirmation hearing amid a storm of whispers. The prevailing question being thrown around by political insiders and prospective outsiders alike was this: Who is she? Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate, albeit narrowly, and she has since assumed her position as the Secretary of Education and the head of the Department of Education. As one of the most high-profile members of the Trump Administration, Betsy DeVos is going to be in the headlines quite a bit. With all of that being said, DeVos is an interesting albeit polarizing figure who definitely deserves to have her story told. Let’s learn a little bit about what led DeVos to serve as the Secretary of Education as well as what her plans are for her work under President Trump.


Betsy DeVos is a reformer, of that there is no denying. Born and raised in Michigan, in a small Dutch community, DeVos started her life with the core tenants of faith and family instilled into her life. DeVos was born into a wealthy family, with her father owning an auto parts company and her brother establishing the billion-dollar Blackwater Security, but she never let that stop her from working for what she wanted. Many individuals in the same position as Betsy DeVos would have insisted on coasting through life, enjoying their good fortune while watching the world change around them. Not Betsy.


Instead, Betsy DeVos would work for her father before heading out to get her higher education at Calvin College. In Calvin College, DeVos would learn about Milton Friedman and the role of government in the realm of education. Betsy soon found that she was passionate about the reformation of the educational system, citing many of the failing statistics around the country, and she would promptly dedicate her life to changing it. DeVos has been a school choice proponent for the past twenty years and she is probably uniquely responsible for making it a mainstream conservative position. Conservatives like Betsy DeVos believe in limiting the intervention of government into the lives of private citizens and that, in essence, is the core of the school choice movement.


When DeVos was tagged to become the Secretary of Education, many folks considered that she was a complete outsider and as such would struggle to contend with the political insiders that have run rampant in Washington D.C. for the past several decades. This quickly turned out not to be the case. DeVos landed in Washington D.C. and immediately took up her office in order to establish herself not only as a key member of the Republican-led Trump Administration, but also as a bulldog who was willing to fight for what she believes in.


Since becoming the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has held many high-profile meetings with some of the most important individuals in the world of education — including the numerous teacher’s unions. DeVos has held herself in these rooms and she has come out winning the respect of those across the table.


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