Alex Hern Wants To Change The Tech Industry

Changing the tech industry isn’t an easy task. There are hundreds of startups fighting in the market, and few will generate enough influence to create trends. However, those few companies are going to shape the future of the tech industry. Entrepreneur Alex Hern wants to use his latest startup to change the tech industry. He wants to shift the paradigm towards virtual reality. Although there are other VR entrepreneurs, none share his focus on practical uses for VR technology. VR can become more than entertainment. It can change the way we live our lives.

As the founder of many startups, Alex Hern understands how to build successful firms. The process of turning a startup into a giant takes skill. There are many details to pay attention to, and subtle changes can make a difference. Hern got his startup experience in the 2000s working with innovative IPOs. The lessons he learned through investing in these IPOs helped him blaze his trail in the tech industry. Today, Hern is a trendsetter with an eye towards the latest tech. Both investors and entrepreneurs follow his advice. He’s focusing on virtual reality, and his followers are looking for their own way into this trend.

The tech industry moves onto the next trend quickly, but innovation tends to stick if it has a lasting impact. Alex Hern is trying to popularize VR technology, but he wants to make VR into something more practical. Others in the tech industry are using VR as an entertainment medium. The idea that VR has utility in the workplace is new, but it’s an idea with potential. A virtual workplace can change the way businesses operate. Currently, conference meetings require all participants meet in the same room. Hern wants a future where you can attend a conference anywhere in the world.

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