Adam Milstein condemn anti-semitism

Adam Milstein is one of the people who has made a huge difference in the manner in which the Jewish community responds to oppression by agents of anti-Semitism. The number of cases of anti-Semitism in the world has been on the increase. The worrying trend of anti-Semitism is a product of cooperation between various groups which think that the State of Israel does not deserve to be where it is. Radical Muslim groups from the Middle East have been propagating propaganda that the country has been acting like a colonialist in the region. These sentiments have increased the hate directed to Jews in the Middle East and even in other countries.


In Europe and the United States, there has been an increase in the number of these cases too as the radical groups gain the support of the radical left and radical right. These two sides have joined hands with a group of radical Muslims who have nothing apart from hate for everything the two groups believe in. According to Adam Milstein, the radical Muslims have invited the two others to fight a war they do not even know how it will end. Milstein adds that. Once the leftists and the rights support the radical Muslims, they will come back to haunt them. Radical Muslims do not believe in anything about westernization something that the other groups seem to be oblivious about.


The fight against Jews is a fight against democracy and Americanization. The ideologies practiced in Israel are also applied in Israel and any decision made to oppress the Jews State of Israel will e a shot in the foot for supporters of democracy. Ada Milstein believes that the world should come together and stop the propaganda and hate being spread by these groups.


Adam Milstein has been trying to support the Jewish community by creating organizations which have programs that will bring the much-needed changes in the community. By bringing the Jews together, Adam Milstein believe they will move as one unit as they fight activities of the radical groups. A united Jewish community cannot crack under pressure from these groups whose aim is to see the community disintegrate.

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