A Look at Investment Genius- Igor Cornelson

Born in Curitiba, Brazil on October 4th, 1947, Igor Cornelson has risen to be among the most popular investment advisors in Brazil. However, his career did not start out in the field of investment banking. He studied Engineering at The Federal University of Parana. From there, he went on to study Economics which was a common switch back then. This switch was the catalyst that launched him into investment banking after his graduation in 1970.

It quickly became clear that he had a knack for investment banking. In fact, just a few years after landing his job at Multiblanco, Igor Cornelson was promoted to CEO in 1976. However, when Multiblanco was acquired by Bank of America just two later, he went on to pursue other opportunities at Unibanco. He worked with Unibanco up to 1985 before he moved on to Libra Bank PLC which is based in London.

His move to Libra Bank PLC opened him up to the endless possibilities of investment banking. Soon after, Igor Cornelson moved on to pursue other ventures. Eventually, he was placed on the board and even appointed the as representative in Brazil for Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. Nevertheless, he still left in 1995 to start his own investment firm.

The decision to start his own investment firm had a very big impact on his career. Since its launch, the business was well-set on the road to success. Igor Cornelson was simply providing the services that he had mastered and perfected over the course of his career. Here, his knack for giving sound investment advice came in handy. He had already built a reputation for himself for providing expert advice when it came to investment. His ability to keep up with international news as well as his understanding of several economies also served him well when it came to starting his own investment firm.