A disclosure of Louis Chenevert Journey to Success.

It is impossible to talk about United Technologies Corporation without mentioning the company’s former CEO and chairman, Louis R. Chenevert. His outstanding and strategic leadership largely facilitated to the rise and expansion of this multi-national company to its position today. He paid a close focus on engineering and operational talent which he believed was very vital in delivering result-oriented ideas that would be high above the expectations of their customers as well as generate revenue for the company.

To make this a reality, Louis Chenevert ensured that his focus on the operational leadership and small teams was not diverted. Chenevert also ensured that his team understood the customers’ needs and remained passionate about delivering products that were a game changer. His approach was indeed a success and was able to produce great developments such as the GTF engine, development of the Sikorsky’s new X2 technology, development of the F135 engine, acquisition of Goodrich aerospace among others.

Mr. Chenevert is driven by external optimism, passion for his work and desire to invest both in the company and in his team. UTC has always invested in the education of its employees and at the same time in assets and technology which according to Chenevert has the ability to bring profound opportunities in the future.

Though there have been many disruptive factors in his journey to success, Chenevert has learned to remain focused on both long and short term goals, think big and at the same time remove roadblocks and act deaf to internal politics. Interacting with successful people has also added to his success.

Mr. Chenevert joined UTC in 2006 as the director of the company. He also served as the COO. In April 2008, Chenevert was elected to be the CEO and president of UTC and two years later he was made the company’s chairman. Chenevert remained in these leadership positions until November 2014 when he retired.

Previously Chenevert had been at Pratt & Whitney, as the president from 1999 to 2006. Before then he had worked at General Motors for 14 years.

He was the Senior Industry Advisor at Goldman Sachs Merchant between 2015 and 2017. Chenevert has also served on different boards.

He holds a Doctorate degree from the University of Montreal and a degree of commerce from HEC.