Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, the Success Behind InnovaCare Health

Healthcare is one sensitive part of the human race. If overlooked it could lead to loss of lives, which are irreplaceable. That’s why InnovaCare is ranked as a professional healthcare facility leading in provision of top-notch services. People who have been in the healthcare industry understand redefinition of service brought about by InnovaCare Health, courtesy of Rick and Penelope.

Dr. Rick, InnovaCare Health’ President

Dr. Richard Shinto is the president of InnovaCare, a doctor boasting of more than 20 years of medical and outfitted healthcare practice in controlled care. He worked with some companies before settling at InnovaCare, thus adding up to the pool of his hands-on experience. Among them are NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company, to mention but a few. In every organization, Rick held remarkably relevant posts.

Richard Shines in Academics

Dr. Shinto’s medical tenure began in southern California. He has since authored several pieces addressing clinical medicine and issues of healthiness. He pursued his bachelors’ in medicine from a highly-ranking University in New York. There are several other bachelor’s degrees earned by Rick, including masters. Shinto glitters all the way up.

Penelope Kokkinides, The Iron Lady

Penelope Kokkinides is a significant pillar in InnovaCare Health. She is currently the CAO of InnovaCare, holding more than twenty years of experience in the healthcare community. Penelope also worked at Aveta, Inc., and formerly worked at CenterLight HealthCare. Her academic credentials are as impressive. She attended university for degree programs and a post-masters course. You could talk of Penelope as an academician. According to hrmronline.com,

Additions in Leadership for Enhancement of InnovaCare Service

In July 2016, changes were made to InnovaCare Health. Jonathan Meyer was elected as the chief actuary officer, Penelope Kokkinides as the CAO, and Mike Sortino as the chief accounting officer. Such changes were made for convenience in customer service. In years to come, InnovaCare will have attained an immeasurably significant degree of service. Having united as an experienced team will help InnovaCare’s administrative crew catapult the company goals to extraordinary heights. View her infographic resume at Vizualize.me

In a Nutshell

InnovaCare Health proves to be the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare services. Every healthcare amenity should aim at nothing short of elite. They provide quality, affordable healthcare services blended with the state-of-the-art technology. It goes with a mission to redefine healthcare management. InnovaCare goes a long way in fighting challenges affecting the modern day healthcare environment.

Mark Sparks Shares His Success and Enthusiasm to Help Reduce Poverty

Marc Sparks is a very successful American entrepreneur. He graduated from high school in 1975, in Austin, Texas. With no formal education after high school, he jumped into startup companies. Some worked out great, while others crashed and burned. He has been building companies for over 34 years. Learn more: http://www.marcsparks.com/



Marc believes that God gives people difficult challenges and sometimes disasters to teach them responsibility when it comes to success. He says that the only way he was able to reach such success is by the Grace of God. He says he was born with great instincts. Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/entrepreneur-marc-sparks-transforms-office-to-optimize-innovative-collaboration-300024747.html



He says that a lot of his ideas come from things that most people think are impossible. He has several portfolio companies in his equity firm, Timber Creek Capital, LP. He takes an idea and builds a company around it. He sets short as well as long-term goals for the venture. He sets operations for his team to follow. His door is always open to help solve problems in a short period of time. Learn more: http://thebrotalk.com/bro-recommendations/dallas-entrepreneur-marc-sparks-spills-must-visit-list-wineries-dfw/



Marc wrote a book describing his journey through company development, including many failures as well as successes. He believes that people will probably learn more from the failures. He talks a lot about why his failures were failures. He wants his experiences to be a blessing to others. Marc’s book aims to give hope to those entrepreneurs who are losing hope.



He says that one thing that keeps him going is that he is not afraid to lose. He never wanted to be a millionaire. He just wanted to have good health, good employees, family and friends and success in his endeavors.



Marc says he has Faith, Passion, Tenacity, Focus and a Sense of Urgency to get things done. He advises to use these traits and treat people the way you would like to be treated and you can’t miss.



Marc has a desire to help others as much as possible. He helps with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas. The organization helps people to help themselves. They provide shelter to 160 people a night. The average stay for people is 5 months. They help them with counseling, financial education, job placement and other services to help them get up on their own two feet and succeed in life.



He is a health nut and an outdoorsman. He hunts, fishes, hikes, golfs and works out. He has been an avid traveler as well. He says it gives him inspiration and new ideas.




End Citizen United Vision and Future Plans

Democratic candidates who will be running for different public offices will be at ease because they will be able to get campaign funds. This is after a new political action committee was formed. The End Citizens United will be able to give tens of millions to the House and Senate offices all across the USA. They get money from small donors that have contributed multiple millions of dollars.


Their aim is to pass a constitution amendment that wants to remove the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision that established the super PACs that has caused a lot of unaccounted money to be pumped into the US politics. Many people who have signed up to this movement that will pass a petition to Congress. 4 million inhabitants will be the ones who will join in and push for the right course. Big money politics will be avoided.


Tiffany Muller, the executive director, and the president said that about 100,000 people had contributed. They want to take people who will reduce the campaign funding in the Congress. The average amount of the contributions is 12 dollars, and they all want the leaders to get to Congress without a sponsor who will influence their leadership in office.


The Democrats want to win back offices that were lost to the Republicans and are not happy because Trump took the president seat. They will fight against his opinions and agendas that also include the person that he chose to lead the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.


End Citizen United wants funds for the candidate vying for the congressional seat in Georgia and is a Democrat. He has been able to contribute 4 million dollars that have astonished many since he is just 30 years.


The PAC is still looking for the candidates that they will support for the 2018 races that will be looking for new house representative seats. They will defend the senators who are in the Congress now like Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester.


Operations in their committee are as a traditional PAC that cannot take contributions that are more than 5,000 dollars from one person. The small amount contributions put it in a top position in the Democrat-aligned groups that give money to the contestants. There were concerns but were not severe that they are stressing on contributions instead of focusing on grassroots activism.


Their spokesman, Adam Bozzi is in the view that the group should have ties with the campaign financiers so that they will not compromise leadership. He has collaborated with several groups that encouraged Republican senators to recuse themselves from nominating the now Secretary for Education Betsy DeVos since she had funded them with her family money.



Oncotarget: E-cigarettes Bring Serious Gum and Teeth Diseases

Last year the prestigious University of Rochester completed a study concerning electronic cigars. The study concluded that the use of the modern devices was very harmful to the smoker’s gums and teeth in the long run. Just recently, the study was published in one of the most respected scientific journals.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

Irfan Rahman, the professor of environmental medicine at the famous university was in charge of the survey, and he says that the electronic cigars are similar to the regular ones. This was the first study on the modern equipment since they were introduced several years ago. It is now evident that smokers are harming themselves when taking the cigars.

In the recent times, the electronic gadgets are used mostly by young people who are still in school. The use of the cigars has increased because the young people consider the devices to be more healthy, classy and even safer when compared to the other cigarettes. Medical practitioners say that the harm in the cigars is found in the flavors used in the equipment. These young people have continued to suffer because there is very little awareness about the effects of the electronic equipment.

In the recently completed study, the experts say that the liquid vapors used in the cigars are burned to produce a toxic protein that is inflammatory. When inhaled by the smoker, these proteins are reported to aggravate some type of stress in the body cells in the mouth. After continuous use, the stress results in severe damage to the gums. Individuals using the vapors get oral complications some are not curable.

The main mission of the study published in Oncotarget is to ensure that young individuals refrain from using the cigars as soon as possible. The team of experts at the University of Rochester say that more people are indulging in the utilization of the equipment, and the trend is worrying. The individuals who use the vapors have been diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer of the mouth. Just the way the conventional cigars are avoided because of the harm they cause to the human body, the electronic devices should be avoided. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.


Robert Santiago is one of the well-known businessmen in Brazil. Roberto is also known having one of the biggest malls in the state of Paraiba. The mall is also among the massive skyscrapers in Brazil. At his aging age of 58 years old, it was his dream to have set up a fruitful business that will cater for his generations behind. Today, Roberto is harvesting the fruits of his true hard work.

Roberto started his career as a writer. With the vast experience and knowledge that has in regards to his country, he comes up with a blog. His style and content that would make come up with a catchy article made him gain the public repute. However, other than writing, Roberto has a production and directing skills. Also, he is a solopreneuer who not only owns a Mangabeira Shopping Mall but also the Manaira shopping center. Read more on pbnews.com.

About the Manaira Shopping Mall

Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall was launched in the year 1989. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is cited in the State of Paraiba, Brazil. It’s in the middle of Joao Pessoa downtown, and it’s easily and conveniently accessible to many people in the city. The shopping operates as one stop shop mall for you need whether its clothes, foods, or general shopping mall.

Urban dwellers in the state of Paraiba find Manaira a beautiful place to be in town for them to enjoy the best delicacies, shop and also have fun. The mall also has amenities like banks, college, and clinics which could have significant importance to livelihood.

The reason why so many youths and adults like the mall is that it’s an entertainment hub. The Mall currently has 11 advanced movie theater which is significantly important in state art entertainment. The theater has bar services and snacks like ice creams, candy, and popcorns. More importantly, the people get to choose the favorite movies to watch.

There is this one specific Domus Hall that is at the center of the mall, anything that deals with entertainment is done here. It’s incredibly amazing to know that the mall can accommodate up to eight thousand people.

Read more: https://www.clickpb.com.br/colunistas/clilsoncol/a-saga-de-roberto-santiago-197650.html

Vijay Eswaran And The QI Group:Helping Communities To Prosper

When the Cosway Group approached Vijay Eswaran with the idea of starting a multilevel marketing company, Asia was in the midst of an economic crisis. Many thought it would be near impossible for the company to succeed.

But Vijay Eswaran accepted the challenge and today the multilevel marketing company he co-founded, the QI Group, is one of the most successful in the world. Eswaran and his team have been able to find prosperity where many saw only dire straights and poverty. His innovative marketing strategies and the quality products the QI Group offers have helped to make the company wildly successful.

While Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group has prospered, he has never lost the common touch and remains a man of the people. He gives millions to the less fortunate through the charitable organizations he has founded and has created jobs for over a million people.

The charitable donations he and the QI Group have given have improved the lives of millions of people. Plus the future of the company and the region it serves looks brighter than ever. Eswaran’s vision for the role the QI Group can play in the region is expansive. They include building a world-class university and a city driven by environmentally sound practices.

Under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran, the QI Group has been able to grow from a tiny company based in the Philippines to an international concern with braches in dozens of countries and annual revenues of tens of millions of dollars. And he’s not yet satisfied. Eswaran feels the company still has much room for growth.

He continues to reach out to people interested in becoming marketing agents for the QI Group in countries throughout the Middle East and Africa. His training sessions and motivational speeches are now major events that attract frenzied crowds of thousands. Read more: The Return Of Vijay Eswaran | The Sunday Leader

But at its core, the QI Group remains the same. It’s a company dedicated to providing the highest quality products at affordable prices. And it remains committed to giving back as much money and resources as possible to the communities in which it does business.