Villanueva MB2 recap

Doctor Chris Steven Villanueva founded MB2 Dental with the aim of bringing out the best in the dentist world in both the individual and workforce versions of the medical practice. Dr. Chris spent most of his time in the corporate dentistry before starting out his company.


The main aim is giving the best to the clients without compromising the integrity of His profession. He realized that dental practitioners needed assistance that comes without any attachment, he founded MB2 Dental. Since its inception, the firm has supported professionals in seventy different locations as well as its 533 employees.


It continues to offer a tightly knit leadership spurring excellence. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Chris made the mistake of venturing into Pizza business with his colleagues which failed. Typical dental practice is drab and uninspiring. MB2 Dental focuses on more than the profit margins. Dr. Villanueva built the firm based on autonomy, personal growth, and fun. MB2 Dental makes practical experiences that help build on services offered to clients. The skills make healthier practitioners that assist in promoting normal business operations and satisfied customers.


Doctor Chris Steven got the idea of developing MB2 Dental from graduate school since there were only two options for dentists; to start a private practice or join the corporate world. MB2 Dental focuses on keeping both the doctor and the patient first. Dr. Chris Steven says that if he had to start MB2 Dental again, he would concentrate on getting the infrastructure laid before beginning the business.


MB2 Dental founded on the principle that teamwork among doctors brings more accomplishment than the individual work. It offers a fresh and youthful perspective on how the dental practice is carried out. It is changing the lives of both patients and dentists.


The progressive business culture founded on excellence has continuously led to growth in the firm. The practice is based on practice and trends that are firmly entrenched on each other. MB2 Dental provides dentists with an opportunity of learning from each other. Since dentists have a chance for full commitment, they can retain the control of the practice.


There is an expert team that offers legal, human resource, payroll and any marketing challenge the firm might face. MB2 Dental has provided a new path to the future company of dentistry practice. Its owners get to enjoy weekend’s retreats bi-annually where they interact with fellow practitioners in the industry.



Adam Goldenberg Takes Customer Feedback Above Others

When Adam Goldenberg is asked what the biggest influence is in a company, he will name customer feedback to be the top influence in the For one thing, the company may supply the products and offer the services, but it is the customer that decides whether a company is worth doing business with. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the company as a whole. Adam and his company, TechStyle works hard on providing the customers with products they want. They also make sure that they are available to answer the questions and concerns of the customer.

Adam Goldenberg also considers customer feedback important because there are always new customers to gain. When one customer writes a bad review about a company, it could prevent the company from getting new customers. At the same time, it could cause the company to lose some other customers. This is why Adam Goldenberg works very hard to provide good and consistent service on He makes sure that the products that are offered are good and that the customers feel welcome and appreciated. Therefore, customers are treated with respect and kindness. All it takes is one unsatisfied customer to write a review that will drive all of the other customers away.

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One reason that customer feedback is very important is that a lot of businesses have some flaws that they are unaware of. The only way it could be fixed is if someone tells them about something. As long as they take the feedback into consideration and use that as inspiration to make the business better, then they will continue to see some success in their careers at

Adam has used customer feedback for various aspects of business which included the products that they offer. For instance, if there is an issue with the sizing, then Adam Goldenberg is willing to hear it so that he could make the necessary adjustments. One thing that could be said about fashion is that it is important for people to know what firs them well. If sizing is consistent, then that will help people a lot.